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DVD/CD solo by Carmen Monarcha - US$20,00

After 11 years on international tours as a soprano soloist with the Orchestra of the renown violinist and conductor Andre Rieu, Carmen Monarcha decides to release a solo dvd/cd, exploring a repertoire that reflects her feminine universe, through the refined arrangements of the maestro Miguel Briamonte. With this work, Carmen expands her audience, adding to her traditional operatic repertoire, classics of brazilian popular music, musicals, as well as jazz standers and international songs.

Box with CD + DVD:


1. Over the rainbow

2. Fascinação

3. Smile

4. Minha Voz Minha Vida

5. La vie en Rose

6. Voz de mulher

7. Miss Celie's Blues

8. Quando m'en vo

9. Summertime

10. Valsinha

11. Habanera/Besame mucho (dvd)

12. Gitana

13. Côco Peneruê

14. Papa can you hear me

15. Ave Maria

16. Estrada Branca

17. Moon River

18. O mio babbino caro

19. Tambatajá

20. Azulão (cd)




1. In São Paulo 1

2. In Curitiba Show making of

3. In São Paulo 2

4. In São Paulo 3

5. Miguel Briamonte

6. DVD Trailler




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