Emotional intelligence and management student of emotion with the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Augusto Cury, Carmen believes that music, with your power of expressing emotions and unify audiences, is not only a great vehicle of communication, but also a big ally for addressing a subject absolutely imperative in this troubled era in which we live – the management of emotion and the conquest of self-discovery and emotional balance.

In this talk, Carmen shares with the audience to your professional and personal trajectory, illustrating through your repertoire of songs known to the wide public, your approach to topics such as:

• Opportunities, choices and consequences;

• Management of emotion in the face of adversity “Windows killer”;

• The influence of music to emotional health “window light”;

• The identification of emotional triggers “application of DCD”;

• Balance between body, mind and spirit.


As the name of the workshop suggests – to cross over – to cross over, to overcome something!

“For singers in general, the “crossover style” is very challenging, since, unlike instrumentalists, we carry our instrument inside of us, in our vocal tract, and any poorly applied technical adaptation can cause unwanted pathologies in our body”

In this workshop, Carmen Monarch shares with singers all the experience obtained in 15 years of international career as a classical singer and crossover artist singing at the André Rieu Orchestra. She gives specific tips on how to combine the technical knowledge of:

  • Breathing;
  • Support;
  • The origin of the sound;
  • Vocal naturalness;
  • Vocal projection without microphone;
  • Vocal projection with microphone;
  • Articulation;
  • Transition between styles;
  • Microphone: friend or foe?;
  • Prejudice versus sound authenticity;
  • Exploring the various timbres of the voice;
  • Right key = vocal health.

“Move from ‘classic’ melodic voice to moments of almost spoken voice, such as in ‘bossa nova’, or to moments of belting voice, such as in ‘pop music’ or ‘musical theater’, requires corporal knowledge and a quickness of reasoning. For this, it is necessary technique and self-knowledge of the body, besides daily exercises of phonoaudiology, breathing and discipline! This is the price to pay for freedom of expression, which is the great advantage of this style that is increasingly conquering the international music market”.